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Dave Hakkens started in januari 2013 on phone-blocks

1. Show we want this phone

Completed Sept 2013

We want to gather as much people as possible and the show the world there is a need for a phone worth keeping. On the 29th of October 2013 we spread all your messages at the same time using Thunderclap. The more support we gather the bigger the impact.


social reach

social followers

Youtube views

2. Team up

Completed Okt 2013

Off all the interest we got from different companies all over the world we want to collaborate with the best suited companies. We need to find partners with a similar vision that can actually set up this platform.

3. Set up an online platform

Completed Nov 2013

To get the entire world involved in this project we want to set up an online platform, a place where we will share our development progress and where you can share, post and discuss ideas for it.

4. Develop a prototype

In progress

Together with our partners and the input from the online community we want to develop the first prototype of this modular phone, by sharing this online and using your feedback in the development. Meanwhile we are always looking for more partners and more people that are willing to help.